• Helping Our Helpers

    Helping Our Helpers

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  • Saving Endangered Animals Project

    Saving Endangered Animals Project

    Driving Question: How can we, as CSA first graders, help save endangered animals?

    Entry Event: We watched an NBC News story about a scientist who is helping to save animals.

    Community Partner: Mrs. Watanabe from the Columbus Animal Council

    Plan of Action: We researched endangered animals and each made a google slide presentation about our animals. We presented our research at Town Meeting, and to the whole school. Each class adopted an endangered animal from the World Wildlife Federation and raised money to support our animals.

    Culminating Event:
    We invited parents and friends to come and see our presentations. We used our research to write a book about endangered animals.

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  • Fireman's Cheer Fund Project

    Fireman's Cheer Fund Project

    Driving Question: How can we, as CSA First graders, help children in our community who may not get many toys for Christmas?

    Community Partner: Columbus Fire Department

    Entry Event: We visited the fire station and the fire fighters asked for our help with the Fireman's Cheer Fund.

    Plan of Action: We collected new and gently used toys from our families and classmates at school.

    Culminating Event:
    We delivered the toys to the Fireman's cheer fund warehouse. We organized and packed boxes of toys for families in need.

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  • Husky Gram Project

    Husky Gram Project

    Driving Question: How can we, as CSA First Graders, encourage the students at CSA Lincoln to be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Peacemakers?

    Entry Event: Mr. Findley came down and asked for our help with the Husky Grams.

    Plan of Action: We will collect and count the Husky Grams each week. We will keep track of the results. We will get prizes to be awarded for the Husky Gram drawing. We will make announcements about the Husky Gram drawings each nine weeks.

    Culminating Event: Each 9 weeks, we will have a Husky Gram drawing and award a prize to the winner!

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Last Modified on April 30, 2016