• Northside Middle School Dean of Students
    Name:  Mr. Lax
    Email:  laxt@bcsc.k12.in.us
    Phone:  812-376-4403
    Hello and welcome! I am Mr. Lax, Northside’s Dean of Students. Most people associate the position of Dean with school discipline and consequence. While it is my responsibility to address behavioral concerns at Northside, I see my role as going well beyond student discipline. The middle school years can pose many challenges for adolescents. Within the framework of Northside’s P.B.I.S. initiative, I strive to support Northside’s administration, faculty/staff, and students in proactively addressing these challenges and promoting a positive school culture that mitigates disciplinary infractions before they occur. This can best be achieved through information sharing and open communication. Please know that my door is always open and that you do not need to be “sent to the dean.” Together we can address any challenges or concerns you face this school year and work on making every day at Northside a positive and productive experience.