SO, I want to take a college course while in High School (Early College)



    STEP 1: Contact the contact person for your college of choice to set up an appointment to discuss course possibilities, class times, etc. (Contact information located in Counseling Center)



    STEP 2: Complete the Early College Application (available at the college of choice or the CNHS Counseling Center) and follow instructions for placement tests, criteria, etc. (PLEASE NOTE that the application to enroll in an Early College Course is different than the application for admission after high school)


    STEP 3: Prior to beginning the course, submit documentation of registration in the Early College Course to your high school counselor.  At that point, your CNHS schedule will be adjusted to accommodate your Early College Course. 


    STEP 4: If you want the Early College Course grade to appear on your CNHS transcript (required for AHD recipients), you must submit verification of the grade in the Early College Course to the CNHS Counseling Center within two weeks of completion.



    -2 EC courses maximum per semester

    -CNHS release time= 2 periods per EC course

    -High School Athletes must be enrolled in a combined total of 6 classes for eligibility purposes

    -The Early College process is constantly evolving, be informed