If a student is considering participation in sports in college, he/she should inform their high school coach and counselor.  The NCAA & NAIA requires that students complete the eligibility process prior to enrollment.  Initial Eligibility forms should be completed at the end of the junior year. Eligibility Information, recruitment rules and regulations are on line at: 
    NCAA Eligibility Center:

    NAIA Eligibility Center:

    Now is the time to make sure your high school courses are NCAA approved!  It is important to know the Eligibility rules to ensure you're on track:
    IMPORTANT: NCAA uses a sliding scale (Core course GPA vs. SAT/ACT scores) & requires that students complete 16 NCAA APPROVED core courses!!  Please discuss this with your counselor as soon as possible to ensure you are on track!
    Also, the NCAA has instituted new rules & guidelines for all "non-traditional" courses.  Examples of "non-traditional" courses are online courses, independent study courses, correspondence courses, etc.  In order to understand these new guidelines, please visit : http://web1.ncaa.org/web_files/eligibility_center/OVN/GeneralGuidelinesandTips.pdf