• Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

    Solutions at 601 Washington St., Suite 102 (47201)

    812-377-5074 or 800-766-0068

    The BCSC Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is for personal and family counseling at Solutions. The EAP is available at no cost to any BCSC employee and/or member of the employee’s household. It is also open to dependents (up to age 26) who are claimed on an employee’s tax return. Individuals qualify for up to five sessions per episode or occurrence … per family member.

    Usage of the EAP is confidential. BCSC receives data, not names, via quarterly reports which include the numbers of people who attend sessions and the basic issues that were addressed (i.e. stress, drugs and alcohol, relationships).

    To make an appointment:

    1. Call Solutions (812-377-5074 or 800-766-0068) and identify yourself as a BCSC employee seeking to set up an appointment and to obtain authorized sessions for a household member.
    2. Most of our families use the Columbus Solutions site at 601 Washington St., Suite 102. Appointments, however, can be made at offices located in other Indiana cities.
    3. Keep in mind that using Solutions first is cost free opportunity. Should they direct an individual to a counselor or a psychiatrist outside the EAP, insurance might cover those visits at a higher rate.


Last Modified on October 25, 2018