Thank you for your interest in Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation. We request that you complete an Expanded Criminal History Background Check which is required under Indiana law. Once it is submitted the process begins instantly and there are no options for refunds. The law requires a criminal search in all counties of residence so there could be additional fees and/or court access fees. About 250 county courts charge an additional fee to search their court records. A list of those counties can be found here:   http://safehiringsolutions.com/?=275 , then click on Resources, then Compliance, then Court Access Fees

    You will find login information below and a link to initiate the background check. You will be able to use the same login credentials to log back into the system and check the status of your report. Once the background check has been completed, it is returned to BCSC and you can contact your hiring manager for further information.

    ALWAYS use this link and login credentials to finish the process if you pause, get timed out or need to check your status. Do not use the original link we gave you that started the process as you would incur further fees. Be patient, the process runs your SSN which can take several seconds before auto populating your report.

    There are two options to choose from the link, Certified and Non-Certified Employment (if you are a teacher or have a teacher’s license, choose the Certified Employment – all other support staff choose Non Certified Employment).

    LINK: https://secure.safehiringsolutions.com/app.cfm?id=58FBCD51-4D66-4E69-930D-A55D14BFE044

    PLEASE NOTE: The background check is a 2 step process.  After SafeHiring does a criminal background check, your information will be sent to the Department of Child Services (DCS). You will then receive 2 e-mails from KidTraks Support. One e-mail contains a password, the other contains the link to the DCS site. You will enter past addresses leaving no gaps in dates between addresses.  If you cannot locate the e-mails, please check your spam folder.  You cannot begin working until both parts of your background check are clear.


    • Please use a desktop or laptop with Chrome or Firefox browsers for your background checks. A smartphone or tablet is not compatible with the software and won’t let you submit your information.
    • Applicant: Please use a credit or debit card to pay the associated fees. Fees begin at $24.90. The process with Safe Hiring Solutions usually takes 3-5 days, and the DCS portion can take up to approximately 2 weeks.


Last Modified on March 21, 2019