• ROCK Slips


    Purpose: To encourage students to develop and demonstrate the CSA Fodrea expectations
    CSA Fodrea Expectations



    We are KIND

    We are SAFE

    Any staff member can recognize a student for demonstrating one of the CSA Fodrea expectations with a ROCK Slip. The ROCK slip  is a way to recognize our students and get them excited about being positive role models and good citizens.

    How the ROCK slips work:

    1. Every week during morning during announcements, a CSA Fodrea expectation will be shared.
    2. Students can earn a ROCK slip for demonstrating one of the expectations in the hallway, classroom, lunchroom, etc. Teachers, administrators, and other staff can give students a ROCK slip.
    3. When a student receives a ROCK slip, they can then place it in one of the ROCK slip containers located in the main office or the library.

    A weekly drawing is held and the winners are announced by Mrs. Linneweber. The students will also receive a prize and a positive trip to the office to be congratulated by Mrs. Linneweber!