Scheduling Information to Students

    North High School counselors will visit the middle schools to help plan the freshman program for those students who will be entering North next year. For next year’s sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the counselors will hold class meetings to present the curriculum, followed by individual student meetings when schedules are turned in.


    Appropriate Course Selection

    Students should try to plan a course load that will best prepare them to meet graduation requirements and post high school plans.  Students should select courses appropriate to their diploma goal, career goal and academic abilities. Recommendations from the students’ teachers this year will be very helpful in making the appropriate course selections.


    Schedule Conflicts

    Students will be contacted, if possible, when schedule conflicts cannot be worked out by using the alternate selection.


    Schedule Changes

    Schedule changes will not be made except for course conflicts, failure to meet graduation requirements, courses required for college entrance, or for other administratively approved reasons. Courses changed after the first SIXSCHOOLDAYS of a new semester will result in a withdraw failure (WF) from the course. Schedule changes needed due to having selected a course level either too difficult or too easy will be made only with written recommendations from the teacher, parent, counselor, and, in some cases, the department head.  A course can be retaken if the original grade was a C+ or lower.  When a course is repeated due to failure or to allow greater mastery of the subject, the higher of the two grades will be included on the transcript counting towards the GPA and class rank.


    Freshman Orientation

    Freshman Orientation is intended to serve as an introduction to Columbus North High School for all incoming 9th grade students and their parents. It is held a few days before school begins. Students are invited by mail to come to North to get schedules, lockers, a tour of the building, and much information about various school policies and ways to get involved in high school activities.  Parents are invited to meet with the principal for a question and answer session while students explore the building. Upperclassmen are available to answer questions and give directions.




    Dual Credit

    Be aware that the courses for dual credits for the technical honors diploma are not the same as courses for dual credits for the academic honors diploma.  They are identified in the course descriptions found in the CNHS Course Catalog.  Most dual credit courses have a minimum grade requirement to receive the college credit.  Also, depending on the course, the cost to receive the dual credit can range from $0.00 to as much as $600 tuition plus the cost of the textbook.