It is important that you present yourself in the best way possible as you prepare and submit materials.  Most colleges prefer for applications to be completed online.  We offer the following suggestions:


    • Be sure everything is neat and clean.  No torn edges, no food spills, and no pages out of order.
    •  Read all instructions carefully concerning how to complete the application forms and where to send them. 
    •  Type your application.  Even if the applications say that it is not required, do it anyway.  Your competition is tough.  Computers are available for student use in the Library.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help.  Many of your teachers can direct you to people in the building who can assist you.
    • If a goal statement or cover letter is required, you need to set your humbleness aside for a while and razzle-dazzle the college representative/scholarship committee.  Tell them why you are deserving of their attention.  Explain any special circumstances.  Remember that a decision will be made based on what you are sending without ever meeting you.
    • Be sure that you follow directions explicitly.  For example, if they ask for a 300 word essay, don’t write 200 or 500 words, write 300 words!  Tip sheets for writing good essays are available in the cousneling center.
    • Proofread your application word-for-word.  Check the completed application carefully for legibility, correct spelling, correct punctuation, etc.    
    • Ask for help if you need it.  There are plenty of people out there who want to help.  They can’t help you if you don’t ask.  Adults are not mind readers.  For example, you could ask for help from your parents, a counselor, your favorite teacher, your minister, or your best friend. 
    • When requesting recommendations from teachers, make sure to choose a teacher who respects your qualities as a student and as a person, not just a teacher who “likes” you.  Be sure to give the teacher at least ten (10) school days to complete the recommendation.  During certain times of the year, a teacher might need even more time than that.  If the recommendation is to be mailed, include an envelope, addressed and stamped.  Fill out all preliminary information neatly at the top that asks for your name, address, social security number, etc.  Give the teacher an information sheet on you that might include your activities, your GPA, your test scores, and especially the things you have done outside of school.  Attach a note that tells the teacher when the deadline is for the recommendation and also what the teacher should do with the  recommendation when they have completed it.  Many times, it is not appropriate for the recommendation to be given to the student.  Be appreciative – while teachers see the task of writing recommendations as a part of their job, they still like to hear “thank you.”
    • IMPORTANT – Turn your application/recommendation in ten (10) days before the deadline (if you apply online, print off the “Counselor Page” or “Secondary School Report” and bring it to the Counseling Center).  The Counseling Center must add transcripts and other information before it is sent off or picked up.  Obviously, a late application does not make a good impression.  In most cases, your application will not even be considered if it is late.  Three (3) school days are required to process transcripts unless you send your transcript electronically.  The first three transcripts are provided at no cost to you with a $1.00 processing fee for each additional transcript. Or, sign up for Indiana e-Transcript (the link is on ) for FREE delivery to participating colleges and universities.
    The Counseling Center wishes you success in all your endeavors and will do everything we can to make this process a positive experience for you.