E-mail:  Each faculty and staff member has their personal BCSC e-mail address.  The address will be the person’s last name and first initial of the first name then @bcsc.k12.in.us  (Example:  Thomasr@bcsc.k12.in.us) 

    Parent Portal: User name and password can be picked up in the Main Office

    Phone:  A majority of the faculty have phones in their class rooms.  Most teachers will not answer their phone during class time however a voice mail can be left.  Parents should expect a return within 24 – 48 hours.


    Leave a Message:  Messages may be left for staff members by contacting a secretary.  The secretary will write out the callers request and put it in the staff’s mailbox.


     Websites:  Several staff members have their individual websites. These sites focus on giving student the assignments and information needed to keep the student informed.  The teacher will give the students the web address at the beginning of school.