•                               Third Grade Goals



    IPARK: Each student will utilize the IPARK expectations daily 100% of the time at Southside


    Attendance: Each child will be present and ready to participate fully each day! (100% of the time)


    Math: Every child will do his or her personal best on the addition and subtraction facts tests as well as multiplication and division facts tests. Each child will score 80% or higher on chapter tests and the end of the year test.


    Reading: Every child will do his or her personal best to achieve 80% or higher on Reading Unit Tests.


    Homework: Every child will be responsible for writing assignments in the Southside Assignment Journal. Each child will turn in homework daily. The class goal will be 100% of homework turned in each week.

    (If homework is not completed, the student will be required to finish assignments before participating in recess activities.)


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Last Modified on May 21, 2015