• We Believe...
    As a school and grade level, we believe in supporting each individual in a positive way, otherwise known as PBiS. For example, if 18 students are doing something the incorrect way and only one student is doing it correctly, we would point out and compliment the one student. We believe in teaching and guiding students in how to do things ahead of time rather than waiting and pointing out what they are doing wrong. Our school-wide expectations are Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Peacemaker. At the beginning of each year, we will spend a great deal of time reviewing these. Then, we will use these to help discuss behavior throughout the year.
    *As an individual, your child can Husky Grams for following expectations. There is a school-wide drawing each Friday to reward one student from each grade level. At the end of each quarter, the school will gather to draw a winner for a much bigger reward.
    *As a whole class, students can earn PAWS for excellence in some kind of positive behavior. For every 25 paws that the students earn, they get to plan a celebration. It pays to have work on excellent behavior!
    Other Supports and Class Systems:
    Our Economy:
     Students will be introduced to:
       Having an occupation with a job description
       Earning Paychecks
       Earning work bonuses 
       Paying rent and other bills 
       Having expenses 
    Students may also:
       Have to pay fines
       Experience eviction
       Look for more work
    And so much more! Ask your child how much money they are earning and what is happening in class. At the end of the year, we will auction off several items. The more money your child has earned, the more they will be able to bid on and win! 
    Think Sheets:
       Name: Date:
       What did I choose to do?
       Why did I make this choice?
       Who did I bother or disrespect?
       Two things I could have done instead
       My Signature
       My Parent’s Signature
Last Modified on July 21, 2015