• CNHS parking information and application

    Parking applications are available in the Deans office.

    NEW!  Any licensed student in good standing may make application for a parking tag!


    2. Only approved students may use the areas designated for student parking and must obey parking and driving regulations.   

    4. Students are to leave their vehicles and the parking lot immediately after parking and then enter the building. 

    5. Students are not to be in the parking lot during assigned school hours without permission from a dean or a pass from a teacher. 

    6. Students driving to or from the lot during lunch must drive with caution to pedestrians and other cars. 

    7. Administration/Deans will reserve the right to alter parking/driving privileges during the course of the year.

    8. Students must park vehicles properly.

    9. Parking is limited and courtesy is important. 

    10.  Illegal parking, parking in restricted areas, parking in non-designated areas, or blocking entrances may result in disciplinary action. 

    11.  Students shall not at school, on school property or at school activities have visible on their motor vehicle any written material, either printed or in their own handwriting, that is racially disruptive or would cause a reasonable person to be intimidated.  (Examples include but are not limited to:  material, publications, vehicle stickers, vehicle decals, vehicle paintings, hangings within and outside of vehicles that denote the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, White Supremacy, Black Power, Confederate flags or articles, Neo-Nazi, or any other “hate” groups that support racial violence.  This list is not intended to be all-inclusive.)  Violations will result in disciplinary action. 

    12.  North High School is not responsible for damages or theft to vehicles on school grounds.

    13.  Driving privileges may be revoked and other disciplinary sanctions enacted for inappropriate behavior.

    14.  There is a 15 MPH speed limit on school property.

    15.  All students who drive and park on school property are expected to follow all the laws of the State of Indiana regarding the operation of a motor vehicle. In addition, the following regulations apply:

    16.  Students and parents may not use the bus pick-up and drop area on the west side of campus.

    17.  Students are not to drive cars during academic hours unless permission has been obtained from the Deans’ office.

    18.  Students are not to congregate in or around cars in the parking lots 1/2 hour before, after, or during school hours.

    19.  Students who do drive to school with permits may park on school grounds in the West Lot off Home Avenue or the North Lot off Home Avenue in appropriate parking places, one vehicle per space.

    20.  Students may not park in the east lots off Maple Street, the interior lot, or the Visitors’ lot.

    21.  Parked vehicles should be locked. The security of the permit and the vehicle is the student’s  responsibility.

    22.  There is to be no parking at a yellow curb.

    23.  There will be no parking in fire lanes.

    24.  Students must have a valid parking permit.

    25.  Student vehicles may be subject to search by school personnel if there is a reasonable suspicion that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or any other contraband might be present in that vehicle and/or the vehicle may pose a threat to the school environment.

    26.  The parking permit is free and will be valid only for the year of issue.  (Replacement permits are $5.00)

    27.  The permit shall be hung from the rearview mirror and shall be displayed at all times while the vehicle is parked on Columbus North High School property. The permit may be used only by the student to whom it was issued.