• Special Needs Students

    Student Management:


    Students with Special Needs are expected to follow the same rules as the all other students in the district.  However, if the disability is the root of the child’s behavior, the discipline procedure, as we know it is not appropriate.  You will need to take extra care to work with the families, and schools in order for everyone to have a pleasant ride


    Praise and patience are the keys to good discipline.  Food should NOT be used on the bus.  A student may have a food allergy that you do not know about.  Giving students food encourages them to eat on the bus.  They may not realize the difference if you say no, then give it to them later.  Smiles and kind words work best.


    If a student’s behavior is unacceptable, you will still need to present the usual paperwork, but work with the teacher to ask for guidance.  Documentation is important.  If the behavior of a student is an ongoing problem, then the Transportation Manager should be notified.   Get a handle on behavior issues early, this will give the teacher and the family a chance to get the problems worked out before the escalate futher.

    Loading and Unloading:


    Whenever possible, pick up and drop off will be at the street in front of the student’s house.  An adult must be at the bus stop to see the child off and to receive them at drop off time.  A wheelchair student should be assisted if a teacher is not present.  Teachers should be outside and ready to receive students before we drop students off.


    If a parent is not home at drop off time notify the Transportation Office that you are keeping the child on the bus and will try again at the end of your route.  The office will notify the school that you may be returning the student to the school if there is no one home the second time.


    If the student uses a device that is not transportable, the parent will need to board the bus to transfer the student to a safety seat.


    No student is to be carried on board the bus.  If a student cannot get up and down the steps without assistance they will need to ride the lift in a wheelchair.

Last Modified on July 25, 2013