• Columbus East High School

    Sports and Nutrition  



    • Speakers:  Food Safety, County Public Health Dept.
    • Allen Smith, Competed on season 10 Biggest Looser
    • Ebban Sample, Culinary school
    • Personal Trainer

     Intro to Foods Lab and Safety


    1    What did you have for breakfast?  Is there something else you can grab?

    Get to know you activity

    2         What is it? Bring Your Own Device. (Crushaw Melon, Heirloom Tomatoes, Zucchini, Kale, Local Produce, Spaghetti Squash, Roasted beets and beet greens)

    3         “Name that tool“ kitchen equipment/ Historical equipment

    4         Lab:  Demonstration Smoothie, lab, and evaluation

    5         Equipo  (like Bingo)

    6         Scavenger Hunt of Text  book -  Assignment on equipment and safety

    7         Lab:  Snack Attack and evaluation

    8         Pre-test :  Food Safety

    DVD:  Danger Zone or teacher show examples of poor safety practices

    9         FCCLA Rush week information

    10     Food Safety web site

    11     Knife Skills and Safety

    12     Salsa Lab using knife skills

    13     Salsa Lab and evaluation

    14     Quiz on Equipment, food safety, and knife skills

           Measuring and Manners

    15     Measuring demo, prepare no bake cookies

    16     Measuring DVD “Measure Up”

    17     Measuring Match-up

    Measuring Review

    18     Table setting and manners

    19     Lab:  Sticks and Stones demo

    20     Lab:  Sticks and Stones, Set table

    21     Quiz:  Measuring and Table setting

    My Plate, Reading Labels, Calories, Portion Distortion

    22    Why we Eat?  Mindless Eating:  http://www.cornell.edu/video/brian-wansink-mindless-eating-why-we-eat-more-than-we-think

    23     My Plate ppt. and activity,( Everyone has a paper plate, put together their own My Plate

    Using magazine food cut-outs. Display around the world) Mindless Eating


    24     Reflection on paper plates,  International Countries Food Guides, Hungry Planet, What does the average family eat in various countries in a week.

    25     My Plate Web Page

    26      Reading a Label, Purdue DVD

                           Reading a Label experiment

    Tubes of Sugar (Nasco) Assignment:  Favorite Food Label

     28  Sugar in a bottle:  Each student brings in a pop or sports drink bottle.   Read the amount of sugar and convert grams to tablespoons.  Measure out the sugar (use salt because cheaper), and display the bottles.      

    29   Sentron Scale Lab :  Using the scale, each student will choose a piece of fruit and use the sentron scale, make a nutrition label, record data, answer evaluation.

    Web lesson:  Understanding Carbohydrates in Our Food Labels (Learning ZoneXpress)

                            Portion Distortion (Learning ZoneXpress)

    30   Portion Distortion ppt. ( Learning Zonexpress)

    Portion Distortion poster (Learning Zonexpress)

    What is a Normal Weight poster (Learning Zonexpress)


     31 & 32 Quiz on My Plate and Reading a label, Portion distortion

                     33 & 34 Baked Potato Lab & make a label evaluation

    Breakfast, Calories and Supertracker

                   35   Breakfast information:   Breakfast PowerPoint

                        Demonstrate Breakfast:  Banana and peanut butter wrap

                  36 & 37 create a computer breakfast poster

                         1 day in class to prepare and 1 day to present

                  38   Demonstration Breakfast Cookie

                 39 & 40 Lab:  Breakfast Cookie & lab evaluation

                 41 Quiz on Breakfast

                 42 Nutrient Team:  Introduction to the 6 main Nutrients

                 43 What is a Calorie?  Walk off a kiss (candy).

                 44 & 45 Super Tracker Activity:   What did you eat for 2 days?

                        2 days with computer

    46 My Diet Percentages Activity:  1 day using computer

     (Uses Super Tracker, Nutrition Report and  chartmaker.mathhouse.com )

                 47 Outside Fitness Day:  Walk the people Trail

                 48 Baked Apple lab (using microwave) 1 day lab

    Carbohydrates and Pre-Competition Meals

                49 Carbohydrate notes and ppt

                50 Grain and pasta information

                51 Pasta ppt.

                52 & 53 Pasta Salad demo and lab

                54 Lab evaluation

                55 Fiber information

                56 Pre-competition Meals information

                57 Pre-competion Meal Activities

                58 Quiz on carbohydrate and pre-competition meal


                59 Protein introductions

                60 Pork information and demo pork fajita lab

                     Review knife skills, cross- contamination

                61 & 62 Pork Fajita Lab and evaluation

                63 Soy Protein ppt. and packet

                64 Soy demo

                65 Quiz on protein

                     Student Body reading from TeenTimes,  

    Study Body ( FCCLA) Final Activity

               66 Student  Body ppt.  Introduction

                      Student Body brainstorms and research

                67 Complete brainstorm and research

                      Introduce FCCLA Planning Process

    Vitamin and Minerals

                68 Vitamin and mineral ppt. introduction

                69 Plan vegetable tasting day

                70 & 71 Lab and evaluation

                 72 Vitamin and Mineral Campaign introduction

                 73 & 74 V & M project work time

                 75 & 76 V&M presentation

                 77 Calcium ppt.

                 78 Osteoporosis

                  Are you at risk?  Check list.

                 79 Calcium Labs:  Neat-o-Burrito

                 80 & 81 Cheese Day and Tasting

                 82 Quiz on Calcium

                  Complete plans for Study Body project

    Fat and Fast Foods

                83 Introduce Nutrient Fat ppt.

                     Tubes of Fat ( Nasco)

                84 Demonstrations:  Skinny Fries

                85  Skinny Fries Lab

                86  The 20 worst foods for calories and fat

                87   Fast food web activities

    Student Body Presentations:   Final Activity

              88 - 90 Student Body Presentations

    Sports and Nutrition
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