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    The online application for the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship is now available. 
    For information about the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship, click here
    The link to the application website with complete eligibility requirements is available on Heritage Fund's website, heritagefundbc.org, or click here: https://hfbcscholarships.communityforce.com/Login.aspx.
    As a reminder, the deadline for applications is 5 pm on Friday, August 31, 2019. Academic transcripts, guidance information and 2 letters of recommendation are all considered part of a completed application.
    Students, please remember to check in with the counselors/teachers to whom you may have made requests (guidance information/letters of recommendations) of over the summer/currently. The completed requests are part of the application and must be submitted by these individuals by the September 1 deadline for submitted applications to be considered.
    Please contact Mrs. Allison Clark in the East Counseling Center for further assistance.

    Seniors: now is a good time to start applying to colleges/universities.  Remember to look for a counselor page, print and bring to me.  I will make sure it is completed and mailed.  Also, you will need to set up an account at www.parchment.com in order to request your transcript to be sent electronically to the college/university of your choice.  Do not mail a transcript in yourself.  If must be stamped and signed to be official and accepted by the colleges.  (counselors are meeting with seniors today to complete the process of signing up for parchment.  If you miss these sessions, stop by the guidance center and I will give you the necessary information.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Allison Clark through email or the phone number listed below. 
    The Heritage Fund scholarships are now open through their new online site. Applications are now available for students to access at https://hfbcscholarships.communityforce.com/Login.aspx. The link is also listed on the Heritage Fund website, heritagefundbc.org. You will need to go to the link listed above and create an account. I suggest that you print off the complete list of scholarships available and take your time, look over each one and highlight the ones that will pertain to you. This site is also where you will find the application along with recommendations. New this year: when listing who you wish to use for recommendations, you must provide their email address. Heritage Fund will contact them and request the recommendation direct. The transcript must be requested through your parchment account.

    Questions?  Please contact Mrs. Allison Clark.  Thank you.

    Questions about scholarship information?  Please contact:
    Allison Clark
    Scholarship Coordinator
    Columbus East High School


    Make sure to go back on parchment and send a transcript if the college you choose requires a 7th semester.

    If you have been offered a scholarship from a college/university, whether you plan to attend there or not, Columbus East wants to recognize you with your name on the bulletin board.  If you have received a letter stating your award, please bring it in and Mrs. Clark will copy or just stop by and let her know.   Also, please let either Mrs. Clark or your counselor know which colleges you have been accepted into. 
    Seniors need to register at www.parchment.com to request their transcripts.  We had a senior meeting and discussed Naviance account information with seniors.  On their Naviance account, the seniors need to make sure their email address is updated.  This is where they will automatically receive emails from East Guidance where they can click on the parchment site to request transcripts also.   Seniors  are also able to explore college and career choices along with adding their resumes to their Naviance account.
    Please check here for current updates about scholarship information.  Any questions may be sent to Allison Cark, Scholarship Coordinator, 376-4399, at: clarka@bcsc.k12.in.us


    Questions?  Please contact:
    Amy Laker, Scholarship Manager

    Heritage Fund
    The Community Foundation
    Bartholomew County
    538 Franklin Street
    Columbus, IN 47201
    Phone: 812.376.7772  Fax: 812.376.0051






Last Modified on June 29, 2019