Cosmetology's annual Theatrical Hair and Make-Up contest inspired the student collaborators to get creative as they took a "Walk on the Wild Side!"  (Click on the "i" in the upper left of the gallery for info on the creature being portrayed and the students' names.) 

    2016-17 C4 Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors 2016-17

     C4 Awards Night

    C4 staff, students, families, and community members gathered May 11 to recognize Honor Students, Outstanding Students, student competition winners, and those students who have received certifications during the past school year. 

    Poetry Contest Winners Announced  (May 2016)
    Congratulations winners in the annual C4 Poetry contest: 
    Asia Carr (Animal Science) 1st Place for "Racing Heart"...Malia Shoaf (Natural Resources) 2nd Place for "From the Ground Up"....and Mackenzie Rooks (Radio/TV Olympian Flame) 3rd Place for "We've Survived". 
    Click on the poem names to read them!  Congratulations!
         Asia Carr              Malia Shoaf      Mackenzie Rooks
    Asia Carr  Malia Shoaf Mackenzie Rooks

     Fun and Learning at the East Career Fair 
    Central Middle School 8th graders joined East students and community business partners at the annual Career Fair.  C4 students shared their classes through creative hands-on activities and visitors got to tour some of our facilities.  Check out the photos of some of the fun!  

    January 2016 Open House
    We had a great turnout for our (rescheduled!) Open House on January 27th.  Over 260 people came to see classrooms, talk to teachers and students, and enjoy interactive displays.  Thanks to everyone who helped and attended! Some photos of this special evening are shown below.

    Cosmetology's Ugly Sweater and Crazy Hair contest!
     Dec 2015

    Throughout the year groups of younger students come to our schools to see what C4 is all about. Taylorsville Elementary recently explored our facilities and got to hear about the exciting classes they can look forward to.  Here are a couple of  photos!
    Trying on the Virtual Reality glasses in 3D Visualization and Animation.
     3D Viz
    Sitting at the anchor desk at the Olympian Flame studio.
     Seen Around C4 .... (Fall 2015)
    Cosmetology Student Ambassador Jordin Brown works on changing a tire in Mr. Taylor's Automotive Technology class during a tour.
    Shelby Carter shows the tour group one of the babies used in Child Development 
    Ambassadors reviewed the displays used by our classes for Career Fairs.
    Business display  

    Student Ambassadors for 2015-2016

    Mr. Novak's Criminal Justice II students participated in the annual Mock Traffic Stops September 24th, 2015.  Local law enforcement officers graded the students as they went through a variety of scenarios.  Volunteers acting as impaired or uncooperative motorists showed students how to conduct a safe and effective traffic stop.  Check out the photos from this great day! 


    Students Win Boiler Tech Challenge!!   
    Congratulations to our Engineering students who were big winners at the  Boiler Tech Challenge 2015!  East students won the event and took home the traveling trophy, two first place and one third place trophies.  North students won a 2nd place trophy and 2 third place trophies. Way to go, students! Congratulations to Mr. Megel and Ms. Olmstead! 
     Boiler Tech Winners

    We had two successful Career Fairs and an Open House in January 2015.   
    2015 Career Fairs 
    Milk the Ag Cow  
    Hundreds of students participated in our Career Fairs at Columbus East January 15th and Columbus North January 21st.  Check out the photos below!
    Annual Open House
    2015 Open House 
    Visitors from schools and the community toured the C4 facilities at Columbus North at our 5th annual Open House on January 21st.  
    Criminal Justice SCUBA Class
    Bartholomew County Sheriff's Department joined the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in the water with Mr. Novak to show our students about underwater search and rescue.    (Feb. 2015)
    Many thanks to Honda and Volkswagen!

    C4 is the fortunate recipient of new vehicles donated by Honda Manufacturing of Indiana and Volkswagen of America, for use in the Automotive Technology program at Columbus East and Columbus North. These donations provide current examples of automotive technology for students as they prepare for their careers in the field. C4 deeply appreciates their generosity!  Learn more about the presentation of the Honda vehicles, edited by TV/Communications students at Columbus East and Columbus North.

         2013 Honda Civic           2013 Honda Acura
       Honda Civic, placed at Columbus North            Acura ILX at Columbus East 
    VW Passat donated to C4 Automotive at Columbus East                 VW at Columbus North
         VW Passat at Columbus East                             VW Passat at Columbus North  

    Fashion and Design students promoted women's health during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2014 with these creative designs.  The bras were on display at CRH Breast Health Center.

     (Fall 2013) Project Lead the Way Engineering students participated in the local National Manufacturing Day's tour of Dorel Juvenile Group and Applied Laboratories.  DreamIt DoIt Southeast Indiana arranged the tours to highlight the skilled jobs in the Columbus area.   

                    Presentation        Testing lab
    View testing area

     Five members of FCCLA (Family, Careers and Consumer Sciences Leaders of America) competed with 18 teams from around the U.S. at the national cluster meeting in North Carolina.  Columbus East is one of five teams that advances to the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio in July.  The team was triumphant in all three rounds - a 50 question comprehensive test, head-to-head competition with another team (won in a tie-breaker by Rebekah Brown), and the third round which saw East winning by 10 points to advance to the national conference.
    Congratulations to team members Morgan Ferrel, Rebekah Brown, Samantha McAllister, Julie Seger and Che Brotzman, pictured below , and their "morale boosters" Ethan Shoaf, Kylie Arnholt and Jared Bradley, as well as to FACS teacher Karen Nading.

    Twelve Columbus FFA members traveled to Louisville, KY from October 30th – November 2nd, 2013, for the National FFA Convention.   This is the largest organization conference in the United States with over 86,000 members and advisors in attendance over four days. The students heard from multiple inspirational speakers, received a backside barn tour of Churchill Downs (panorama below),
    Panorama of Churchill Downs
    FFA group tour at Churchill Downs

    and one of the local members was on stage for a demonstration in being hypnotized.  In addition to these twelve students, thirty FFA members and Agriculture students joined them in Louisville on Thursday, October 31st to experience firsthand the career show and electric environment this conference provides. 

    FFA full group

    Several teachers and high school students hosted a technology camp during the BCSC Fall break. 36 fifth and 5th sixth graders from BCSC learned a variety of things, such as how cow eyes work and how to design and build a water rocket using an engineering design process.  Campers made posters, screen-printed camp t-shirts, and learned how to investigate a “mock” murder scene.   Students also took a tour of the Ivy Tech, IUPUC and Purdue School of Technology programs. 

    The purpose of the camp was to help students understand how STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) classes taught in their current classrooms transfer to possible high school pathways and college and career opportunities.  See below for pictures of our future students!

    (Fall 2013) The 2nd year Criminal Justice class has been studying traffic law as part of their Vincennes University dual credit this 9 weeks.  As part of this section, traffic stops were studied.  IUPUC students from Mr. Novak's J-260 class and C4 staff members portrayed the drivers.  Law enforcement officers from Seymour, CPD, Bartholomew Co, Decatur Co, Brown Co, and Johnson Co donated time to evaluate students and their stops.  


     Fashion Students Build AwarenessPink ribbon logo

    Students in Peggy Powers' Fashion and Design class at Columbus North designed 13 beautiful and unique bras to commemorate October as Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The beautiful designs will be on display at the Indiana University Center for Art & Design in Columbus (310 Jackson Street) until the third week of October.  Check them out below or in person and be amazed at the work of our many talented students!

     Biomedical Students Present ER Solutions
    Biomedical Interventions Students
    Stacey Horn's Biomedical Interventions class recently visited the Emergency Room at Columbus Regional Hospital.  They observed procedures and toured the facilities.  Then, they were charged with coming back to the classroom and coming up with ways to improve patient care or delivery.  Students then presented their ideas to a panel of CRH medical professionals.  Two of their ideas: a "tube delivery" system that would whisk patients' medication through the hospital quickly and securely, without personnel having to take time to go and get them.  Medicine would arrive at the room and be carefully checked by nurses via a fingerprint scanner and software. The other idea was a wrist video device that would be similar to an iPhone.  All of the patient's information would be on this device, and the nurse would wear it.  This would allow the nurse's hands to be free for other tasks. We're happy to say that the CRH panel was impressed by our students!  Congratulations on a job well done.

     Colorful ways to demonstrate color theory, from students in Peggy Powers' Intro to Housing and Interior Design class!


    Johnson & Wales visit - 
    Aug 23, 2013 - Austin Vendetti of the Charlotte, North Carolina, campus of Johnson & Wales University visited Kay Eagleman's and Chef Carrie Douglas' classes.  He discussed the university and prepared a delicious dish of pasta carbonara. 

     C4 Counselors' Camp (June 2013)  
    Counselors from schools served by C4 were invited to spend a summer day
     learning more about some of the clusters offered to their students,
    with hands-on activities in each of the four areas covered.
      It appeared to be an enjoyable and educational experience for all!
    (Hover the mouse over each photo for a brief caption.)
    C4 students show their stuff at the National Restaurant Association!  
    The teams in Culinary and Restaurant Management were invited to showcase their talents in Chicago at the NRA convention in late May.  They manned the ProStart booth for a day, demonstrating their competition dishes and restaurant design. 
     Take a peek at their experience... (hover over each photo for a brief caption)
     They are currently the cover photo for the "ProStart Program" page on Facebook and there are many more photos of both teams to view.
    Congratulations to students who passed the Pre-Professional Certification in Education Fundamentals! 
                                           Spring 2013
     East/County Students
    Back row; Leslie Holl (East), Rebekah Nolting (East), Chase Maynard (North), Brayden Cosby (Brown County), Paige Miller (Hauser), Elizabeth Jessie (Hauser)
    Front row: Nichole Denney (East), Carlos Galvan (Edinburgh), Jared Johnson (North), Gabby Russell (North)
    Not pictured: Coreen Mace (Brown County)
     North Students
    Back row: Sean Halstead (North), Nadine Bower (East), Nick Wingate (North), Daniel Ayers (North), Micayla Speidel (East)
    Front row: Michelle Amlung (North), Esveidy Perez Benitez (North), Greicy Patino (North)

    On Friday, April 19, 2013, over 200 students from six different high schools competed in the annual Boiler Tech Challenge.   
    All the students competing for C4:
    All C4 students at Boiler Tech Challenge
    From Columbus North:
    2nd in "Design It" - Jake Stewart, Zak Ruehman, Rob Hughes
    3rd in "Lift It" - Nate Green, Paul Meyer, Morgan Murdock, Brandon Brush
    3rd in "Grab It" - Gregory Haegle, Alex Whaley, Ethan Miller, Kiki Phelps
    From Columbus East:
    1st in "Design It" - Matt Fuehne, Jacob Villiger, Emma Alexander, Olivia Smith, Kelby Bennett
    1st in "Program It" - Jacob Downey, Nick Angle
    1st in "Lift It" - Caleb Hack, Michael Weiss, Dane Hoskins, Tyler Decker, Chris Browder
    2nd in "Create It" - Samantha Watters, James Robinson, Evan Wischmeier, Autumn Lee, Matt Buffo
    3rd in "Create It" - Chase Francoeur, Bryce Barringer, Riley Ellison, Christine Awad
    East came home with a 1st Place overall, and gets to take home the traveling trophy!
    East team

    Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) state winners

    On April 15-17, 2013, the 35th Annual Indiana HOSA State Leadership Conference was held in Indianapolis.  Twenty-four students from both Columbus East and Columbus North attended with their advisors, Kay Gorday and Sheryl Grow.  There were nearly 700 students at the conference.

    Columbus area students attended  leadership training, business meetings, educational symposiums, and voted as delegates to elect state officers.

    C4 had awesome results at the competitive event portion of the conference.    All students placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd are eligible to attend the National HOSA Conference in Nashville, TN in June.  Congratulations to all these students!


    1st Place --   Holly Stockhover (CNHS)

    2nd  Place -- Sarthak Neema (CNHS)
    3rd Place -- Julissa Saenz (CEHS)

    Top 10 --      Chris George (CNHS)

    Top 10 --      Roth Lovins (CNHS)

    Top 10 --      Nikki Patil (CNHS)

    Top 10 --      Logan Rutan (CNHS)

    Top 10 --      Keirsten White (CNHS)



    Public Health Team Event

    2nd Place --  Katelyn Bevis (CEHS)

    2nd  Place -- Josephyne Brito (CEHS)

    2nd Place --  Hannah Dietrich (CEHS)

    2nd Place --  Aeriel Pettit (CEHS)

    Top 10 --     Tristan Gregg(CNHS)

    Top 10 --     Alexis Goodin (CNHS)

    Top 10 --     Hannah Park (CEHS)

    Top 10 --     Rylee Hankins (CEHS)

    Top 10 --     Sam Heale (CNHS)

    Top 10 --     Jeremy Ryan (CNHS)



    Forensic Medicine Team Event

    1st Place --   Sam Heale (CNHS)

    Logan Rutan (CNHS)  

    Community Awareness

    1st Place --   Brooklyn Eaglen (CNHS)

    Elizabeth (Paige) Noe (CNHS)



    Pathophysiology Knowledge Test

    1st Place --   Logan Rutan (CNHS)




    Sports Medicine Skills

    2nd  Place --  Jade Reeves (CNHS)



    Medical Photography

    2nd  Place --  Roth Lovins (CNHS)



    Extemporaneous Speaking

    2nd  Place --  Jeremy Ryan (CNHS)



    Prepared Speaking

    3rd  Place --  Lindsey Potts (CNHS)



    Extemporaneous Writing

    Top 10 --      Alexis Goodin (CNHS)



    Pharmacy Technician Skills

    Top 10 --      Maggy Boggs (CEHS)



    Nutrition Knowledge Test

    Top 10--       Hannah Dietrich (CEHS)



    Pharmacology Knowledge Test

    Top 10--        Maggy Boggs (CEHS)



    Medical Math

    Top 10--        Nikki Patil (CNHS)

    Top 10--        Keirsten White (CNHS)



    Medical Spelling

    Top 10--         Sarthak Neema (CNHS)



    Conference Delegate

    Meredith Dickerson

     In case you missed it... (early April, 2013)

    2012-2013 FFA

    The FFA banquet last week was enjoyed by all attendees.  Mallory Meyer, incoming  president, created the backdrop for the event.

    Members of the chapter paused for a group photo.  Mrs. Fairchild, advisor, is at left in the far back row.
     FFA group April banquet
    Looking out from behind home plate
     Batter up!
      Baseball fans, take note - Columbus North's JV baseball field will be ready for its first games in April, thanks to Construction Engineering Technology students.   Good progress is also being made on the varsity field's structures.

     C4 Student Advisory 2012-13
    C4 Student Advisory group for the 2012-13 school year.