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Taylorsville Elementary School
Taylorsville Elementary School
The School With Heart!
                                         TAYLORSVILLE SCHOOL VISION
Taylorsville School will develop “high performing students” through continuous improvement, teamwork among family, staff, and community, and efficient use of resources to meet the requirements of a changing society. High performing students will be able to:
  • Read, write, and do math at or above grade level.
  • Communicate (speak and listen) effectively.
  • Get work done without reminders.
  • Demonstrate excellent attendance and behavior.
  • Show respect and concern for others.
  • Be able to make good decisions, solve problems, and work in teams.
  • Use technology to help with learning.
  • Develop a lifelong enjoyment of learning.
  • Use quality tools for continuous improvement.
  • Develop a positive self-concept.

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Be Safe       Be Responsible       Be Respectful
School Address: P.O. Box 277, 9711 Walnut St., Taylorsville, IN 47280
PH: 812.526.5448     Fax: 812.526.2233
Sydell Gant, Principal