Websites for Student Learning

This provides alphabet practice for students in lower grades, along with read along books.  For older grades, it offers word and vocabulary games and provides an interactive way for children to learn. 
         You'll find letter, reading, spelling, and vocabulary games for your child.
          This site allows students to read books, or have booksread to them, along with games that will build word skills. 
Spelling City: 
This website will help with spelling skills along with vocabulary. 
 Treasures is the reading series that classroom teachers use.  Students can click on a story they may have read in class and work work deeper with vocabulary and spelling practice.  There are also activities that go along with the stories.
Tumblebooks (through Bartholomew County Library): 
Tumblebooks is located on teh Bartholomew County Library website (on the left of the main page).  It allows the child to pick a book and the website will read it to them.  Words are highlighted as they are read.