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Daily Announcements

PA announcements for 6/5/14
Daily Announcements


Do you have a good book for the summer?

Have you signed up for the summer reading challenge from the public library yet? If not, get online and do it now! It’s free and you can earn prizes!

 Library Books are all due back to the library. Please return all books that your student has checked out. Thank you.

Have you signed up for a summer sports camp yet?

Interested in a summer sports camp this year? Come by the Main Office and get info on LOTS of activities coming up!


Is someone bullying you?  Use the Golden Rule today and be nicer to them than they are to you!

Don’t bite on a bully’s bait. 
You decide if a bully’s words hurt you or not!
PBIS reminders for the playground:


Follow game rules

Take care of equipment

Seek help when needed



PBIS reminders for the hallway:

Use level 0 voice when walking as a class

Walk softly

Stay with group

Keep hands/feet to self


PBIS reminders for the restroom:


Use level 0-1 voice

Take care of personal needs and return to class

Be considerate of others’ privacy

PBIS reminders for dismissal:

Listen to dismissal announcements

Leave quietly when bus number is called

Go directly to your bus


PBIS reminders for emergency drills:

Go to nearest adult if not in classroom

Use Level 0 voice

Walk to assigned area quickly

We are collecting gently used books in the Hungry Caterpillar container outside the nurse’s office to benefit the Book Express. Bring one in!


Remember to check the BCSC website, radio, and TV in case we have a school delay.


Are you working to achieve 80% accuracy on your Achieve 3000 articles????  Have you been reading 20 minutes per night?



Want to get info from Schmitt on your phone? Text @schmitte to (317) 723-5430 to sign up!   

Attention 5th and 6th graders: Have you returned your BYOD permission slip?


Are you cleaning your hands before lunch each day?

PBIS reminders for the cafeteria:

Follow posted cafeteria manners

Clean up table and floor when leaving

Today’s Lunch Menu

Happy Birthday!


Today’s Word of the Day: