• Caution
    The science laboratory can be a place of discovery and learning. However, by the very nature of laboratory work, it can be a place of danger if

    common-sense precautions is not applied.

    You are expected to adhere to the following safety guidelines to ensure a safe lab environment for both yourself and the people working nearby. Additional safety precautions will be announced in class prior to experiments where a potential danger exists.

    Students who fail to follow all safety rules will be asked to leave the lab or suffer grading penalties.


    Following Directions: While in the science laboratory, it is very important to follow all directions. If you are ever in doubt on how to proceed, ask your teacher!


    Fire Safety

    One of the major concerns in the science laboratory is the use of an alcohol lamp. Remember that to use such equipment is a privilege. Make sure you use gloves if picking up a warm or hot object. Do not place body parts into a flame. Make sure you know where to turn off the gas. Long hair should be tied back and long sleeves should be rolled up.



    Glassware Safety

    Glassware is vital to doing good science. If not handled with care, glassware can cause serious harm. Notify your teacher if you break glassware. Dispose of broken glass in the appropriate container. Remember that to use such equipment is a privilege.


    Eye Safety

    Often labs require that you wear safety glasses. The purpose of such glasses is to prevent damage to your vision. If something should get into your eyes, make sure you let your teacher know. Remember that to use such equipment is a privilege.

    Be aware of the location of the Emergency Eye Wash Station.


    Chemical Safety

    Often labs involve the use of chemicals. Please be careful to keep chemicals off your skin and out of your mouth and eyes. If you get any chemical on your skin or in your eyes, INFORM your teacher immediately! Remember that to use such chemicals is a privilege.


Last Modified on August 30, 2009