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    Science through Discovery

    ·        An issue that could create a discussion because it is controversial.

    ·         Something that is current; written within the last 2 months!

    ·        Explore an issue that is interesting to you and relevant to your classmates as this will make it easier to generate questions and discussion during your presentation.

    Visual Display

    ·        Create a 8 ½ x 11 visual display that includes:
      • the title of the article and MLA source reference
      • three open-ended questions, which you will use to facilitate a class discussion
      • pictures that “tell the story” of the event
      • Choice of 1 PPT slide or Word document printed


    Written Work: (Should be 5-6 sentences in length)

    ·        Write a summary that outlines the key points in the article.  You may use the 5 W’s (Who, What, Why, When, Where) to guide your summary, but do not simply list the facts of the article.  Rather, retell them in your own words. 

    ·  Close with your opinion(s) on the article.  Reflect on the global impact of this event


    Small Group Presentation
    • Each student will be asked to communicate your findings to a small group.  The poster will serve as a visual and guide this sharing process.
    You may use the following resources
    to help find a topic:


     You will be assessed on the following rubric:



    Thoroughly explains:

    ·        What, where, when, and who

    ·        Why this event is of importance and significance to us?

    ·        details of the event

    ·        personal viewpoint/opinions




    Small Group Discussion:

    ·        3 discussion questions are included on poster

    ·        Leads a small group discussion about the current event.


    Effective and Creative:

    ·        Visual is neatly organized and  thoughtfully designed

    ·        Avoids “TMI”- too much info jumbled together.

    ·        Pictures are relevant and informative



    ·        Article is cited appropriately using MLA format on the back of the visual.


    Summary and Opinion:

    ·        Written reflection (on back) is detailed and includes at least 5 sentences for both paragraphs.





    These online databases are also great resources:

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