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    Ch 6 Resources     Bio textbook Online
    Chapter Objectives:

    Differentiate between body cells/autosomes and gametes/sex chromosomes

    Explain how meiosis produces sex cells

    Describe the patterns of inheritance that Mendel’s data revealed

    Summarize Mendel’s laws of segregation and independent assortment

    Describe how genes influence the development of traits

    Explain how crossing over during meiosis increases genetic diversity.

    Lesson Focus:

     6.1 Gametes have half the number of chromosomes that body cells have.
    Chromosome Numbers- how many chromosomes does each species have? 


    During meiosis, diploid cells undergo two cell divisions that result in haploid cells.

    Mitosis and Meiosis ONline

    Comparison Launch Interactive to compare.

    What is Meiosis?

    Use this RESOURCE to browse through each part.

    Check out the following videos: Meiosis
     6.3 Mendel's research showed that traits are inherited as discrete units.


     Genes encode proteins that produce a diverse range of traits.
    The Gene Machine  -find out your own genotype 
    Journey into DNA (PBS)- travel into your body and see what DNA is all about.


     The inheritance that follows the rules of probability
    Gizmo Learning- Log-in
    Mouse Genetics- ONE Trait Analysis
    User: nmsscience3
    Password: student3

    Punnett Squares

     Take it slow.

    Understanding Punnett Squares– practice makes perfect.


    Punnett Square Generator  - play time


     Independent assortment and crossing over during meiosis result in genetic diversity.
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