• DNACh. 8 From DNA to Protein
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    8.1 Learning Objective:
    Describe the accomplishments that led to identifying DNA as genetic material.
    Griffith Oswald Avery Hershey and Chase
    8.2 Learning Objective:
    Describe the interaction of the 4 nucleotides that make up DNA.
     DNA to Protein8.3 Objective
    Summarize the process of DNA replication including the role that enzymes play.


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    How does the info contained in DNA relate to Protein synthesis?


    Process of converting mRNA into a sequence of amino acids in proteins.
    8.4 Objective:
    Explain the role of DNA Transcription in protein production.

     8.4 Section Quiz

    8.5 Objective:
    Explain the role of DNA Translation in protein production.
    8.6 Objective:

    Explain how gene expression is regulated in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

    8.7 Objective
    Distinguish between the different types of mutations including their cause

    8.7 Section Quiz
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