• Bus Routing Information

    Transportation Office 812-376-4246
    Please read all directions on this page before clicking on the Bus Routing link below

    You may access school boundary and bus stop information for a specific address by following the directions .  If no route information is available that means there is no bus assigned to stop at this address.  You should call the school office to get a bus assignment. 
    The Bus Routing link below will take you to the website that will provide route information.  This program is very sensitive to spelling and abbreviations such as:  Road = Rd, Avenue=Ave, etc.  If you have a problem you may need to try another zip code.
    Be aware that routes and times are subject to change through out the year.  Any Route changes are updated immediately.
    Parochial, AC, and some Fodrea or Lincoln students who live in the county may be on high or middle school routes. If your student falls into anyone of these categories, please use "Advanced Search" (in blue at top of page) and enter the correct "Program".  This will give you more accurate information for the HS/MS buses.  We apologize for any confusion and will work to improve this communication.
    Be aware that part of Shadowcreek Housing addition will attend Mt. Heathy:
           Any new housing permits dated after 8/8/2011 south of Middle View Dr on Parkview, or
           Shadowcreek Blvd. south of and east of the club house will attend Mt. Healthy Elementary.
    If you are planning to purchase a house in the Shadow Creek Area, Please contact the Transportation Department at
    Please contact the Transportation Department if you have any questions regarding Shadowcreek. 
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     Bus Routing Link

    Stop times may vary due to traffic patterns please have your child at the stop 10-15 minutes prior to stop times for the first few days they ride.  Be at the bus stop every day 5 minutes prior to stop times.
    Until a technical issue can be corrected:   Do not follow the shuttle information on this link.   If you need shuttle information see the "Shuttle Information" web page.
Last Modified on September 13, 2016