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    Name: Marcia Cheatham
                 Columbus East Science - Chemistry & Physics
                 Columbus North Science - Earth Science
    Email Address: cheathamm@bcsc.k12.in.us
    Phone number:376-4431 (North main office)  376-4369 (East main office)

    Welcome to Columbus East/North Science. During the 2013-14 school year I will be teaching Integrated Chemistry/Physics at North, periods 6, 7, 8, and Chemistry, 2nd and 3rd mods, and Physics at East, 4th mod. Because of this split, I will only be on the North campus during 6th through 8th periods and after school. Students who need extra help will have to see me after school. East students can get extra help before school or in the Science Resource. I can also give extra help during 5A lunch if the student lets me know ahead of time they want to come.  I can also be contacted by email.
    All Chemistry and Physices students will need to have a three ring binder, pencils, and blue or black pen.  If you are financially unable to obtain a binder, check the BCSC website for the steps to take to get free school supplies. You will also need a scientific calculator (does square roots, exponents, scientific notation...). An arithmetic calculator is not enough. Phone calculators are not permitted during tests and I don't allow phones out during class. The TI-30IIa XS solar calculator will be sufficient. I like this one because it doesn't need batteries (yay!), has all the functions needed for any science below Physics, is easy to use, and low-cost.
    Chemistry students receive a unit schedule sheet at the beginning of every unit. Due dates for assignments are given at this time. The schedules and other information are also available on the East High School Moodle site for each class. Late work is not accepted unless the student has an excused absence. The same is true for Physics. Check Moodle when you need info. It is available 24/7.


    Marcia Cheatham 

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