• Thespians, Troupe #57 By-Laws

    Columbus North High School
    Troupe #57

    International Thespian Society



    Article I: Name

    The name of this organization will be the International Thespian Society- Columbus North Troupe #57 hereafter referred to as Thespian Society. The Thespian Society is sponsored by the Educational Theatre Association. There are more than two million members worldwide at the time of this publication.

    Article II: Mission and Purpose

    Section 1: Mission

    We, the Thespian Troupe #57, believe that it is our duty to uphold a rich tradition of serving and entertaining the community with an expectation of excellence. The Thespian Troupe strives to spread our own love of all aspects of theater as leaders and mentors for the entire theater department at Columbus North High School. Thespian members actively participate to learn and grow as artful communicators in our futures.

                Section 2: Purpose

    “Act well your part; there all the honor lies.” – Alexander Pope

    Article III: Membership Selection Process

                Section 1: Membership

                                        Eligible members are those who:

    a.       Are active in theater in any way until he/she accumulates a total of ten (10) points assigned by the sponsor

    a.       Accumulation of ten points:

                                                                                                                              i.      10 hours of crew equals 1 point

                                                                                                                            ii.      Roles in the plays up to discretion of sponsor

    b.      The sponsor is willing to initiate a member based on personal character and commitment

    c.       Upon graduation from high school, members remain a member of the group, attaining the inactive status

    d.       Must attend spring induction

    Section 2: Selection Process

    a.       Accumulation of ten points

    b.      Based on commitment and personal character up to the discretion of the sponsor

    c.       Some may be deemed honorary members by the sponsor due to extenuating circumstances 

    Article IV: Retention of Thespian Society Membership

                Section 1: Attendance

    a.       Each member must miss no more than three (3) meetings per calendar school year.

    b.      Every member must participate in all productions during the school year in a staff, crew, or acting position.

    c.       All members must participate in some way with the annual Thespian sponsored community service project.

    Section 2: Dismissal   

                                        a. The following procedures will be executed if a member misses

                                            three (3) meetings, or fails to participate in a production

    a.       Warning

    b.      Consultation with sponsor to decide course of action

    c.       Unanimous vote of expulsion by President and Sponsor

    Article V: Meetings

    a.       Meetings will be held as needed determined by the officers.

    b.      Times may vary to accommodate the majority of members’ schedules.

    c.       Large group meetings should follow an agenda as determined by the president.

    d.      The Secretary will notify members well in advance of upcoming meetings at least seven (7) school days in advance.

    Article VI: Election of Officers

    a.       The sponsor will oversee the election process.

    b.      Elected officers will be President, Secretary, and Historian.

    c.       Elections will take place during the first meeting after induction of new members.

    d.      Nominations will be taken on an oral basis and require a second.

    e.       Any member may nominate another member.

    f.       Any member may nominate him/herself.

    g.      Nominees will be granted an opportunity to speak before the membership to outline their qualifications and new ideas that they support.

    h.      Votes will be counted by a show of hands while nominees leave the room. The majority vote of the membership will decide the election.

    i.        Two thirds (2/3) of members must be present for the vote to be valid.

    Article VII: Officer’s Duties

                Section 1: President’s Duties

    a.       Preside over general membership meetings

    b.      Prepare agenda and present to sponsor in advance of meetings

    c.       Coordinate the works of the officers and committees in order that the objectives and policies may be promoted

    d.      Ex officio member of all committees

    e.       Coordinate works of the officers and committees to promote the objectives and policies of the troupe

    f.       Actively lead and support the Thespian Society as well as all productions

    Section 2: Secretary’s Duties

    a.       Contact members about upcoming meetings

    b.      Take attendance at each meeting

    c.       Record and distribute minutes of all meetings in a timely fashion

    Section 3: Historian’s Duties

    a.       Update and organize individual Thespian records for all current and eligible members

    b.      Keep a scrapbook of performances and the year of theatre

    c.       Inform sponsor of those in perilous attendance status

    Article VIII: Sponsor’s Responsibilities

    a.       Support and reinforce the mission and purpose of the Thespian Society

    b.      Oversee all activities and events sponsored by the society

    c.       Attend all large group meetings

    d.      Act as a liaison between the members, officers, and the CNHS administration

    e.       Manage Thespian funds

    f.       Lead membership selection process

    g.      Keep appropriate records

    h.      Critique and revise the by-laws when members and officers see fit

    Article IX: Rewards

    Section 1: Thespian Letter     

    a.             A student must have participated in theatre at North for two school years.

    b.            A student must have participated in at least three of the four productions each year during the two-year period above.

    c.             A student must have earned ten  points (minimum) and have been initiated into the Thespian Society.

    d.            The student must be recommended by the theatre director on the basis of his cooperation, sense of responsibility, and loyalty to the program.

    Section 2: Thespian Star

    a.             The succeeding year a star may be earned after three plays he/she is involved within a year or after an accumulation of thirty points.

    Section 3: Thespian Mask

    a.             If a senior was inducted his/her freshman year, and has achieved all of the above as well as significantly participated in at least three productions, he/she will be awarded the drama mask pin.

    Article X:  By-Laws Amendment Process

    The acting members of Thespian Troupe #57, their elected officers and the troupe sponsor shall have the exclusive right, duty and authority to amend, repeal or change the by-laws of the troupe.  Proposed amendments to the by-laws shall be presented at an official meeting of Thespian Troupe #57.  Before this meeting, the proposed amendment will be presented to acting officers  and troupe sponsor to be revised.  Once the officers and sponsor have agreed upon a final draft of the amendment, it will be sent to all active members of the troupe at least one week before the next official meeting.  For passage, amendments shall recieve a two-thirds (2/3) vote fo acting members of the troupe.  The sponsor shall vote only to cast a deciding vote.



    Compiled by: Becca Kastner (Chairperson), Sharon Sung (President), Eveleen Sung (Secretary), Laura Miller, Marissa Mitchell, Alex Pan, Michelle Stawicki, and May Yen

    Amended by Logan Pankratz (Chairperson/President), Robert Anthony Coatsworth
    Last updated:  October, 2008
Last Modified on October 29, 2008