• The Odyssey by Mary Zimmerman

    Dates:                        December 1-3, 2007 
    Location:                    North, Mainstage
    Director:                     John Johnson
    Stage Manager:           Courtney Sims
    Students Involved:       78
    Attendance:                2000

    Visually stunning, North's production of Mary Zimmerman's The Odyssey was chosen because it tackled one of the world's oldest stories using the simplest of theatrical techniques.  Dance, puppetry, masks and tons of sand combined to tell the tale of the long suffering Odysseus and his journey home to his family.
    Almost all members of the cast played several roles in the production:  the Gods on Olympus, Odysseus' sailors, suitors to Penelope, the life loving Phaecians or even various and sundry livestock.
    The unit set of a literally beached dock was changed with various drops and flys to create the many locations in this epic tale.  However, the biggest challenge was also its most magnificent:  18 tons of sand were literally shot onto the stage.  This not only created logistical problems for the crew, but changed the way the actors moved throught the space.

    The Odyssey
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