• Auditions

    Auditions for any North Drama or Thespian Troupe #57 production are open to any North student and staff member.  The audition process for each show is a little different for each, but all are welcome.  Auditioners only need to attend one day of the auditions.  Callbacks may be needed on occasion.
    Here's what we have coming down the pipe:
    As You Like It
    by William Shakespeare
       Monday, September 25 or Tuesday, September 26
       North Studio Room
    Who:    Open to all CNHS students and staff
    The audtion will consist of two parts:  a monolgue and script readings.  We ask that all people auditioning prepare a short monologue from any work by Shakespeare between 14 and 30 lines long.  This does not need to be memorized.  We will have monologue posted on this page that you can choose from, or feel free to shoose your own.  We will also read scenes from the script.  There are several websites that have the entire text of As You Like It that you can download or read there.

    If you are looking for a Shakespeare monologue, here are 8 choices from As You Like It.  4 from male characters, 4 from female characters.  You can choose to do any of them, or find one from any Shakespeare play or poem.

    Shakespeare Monologues

    Workshops are held for various reasons throughout the year.  Oftentimes, they are held in conjunction with a Thespian meeting or with an upcoming set of auditions.
    Here's what we have coming down the pipe:


    There are no workshops currently scheduled.



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