March 2-4
    The uproarious musical comedy about what it takes to get ahead in business and love.
    March 2-4, 2018     Audition Info

    Plot Synopsis

    J. Pierpont Finch is a window washer with a dream:  CORPORATE SUCCESS.  He decides to follow the advice from Sherwood Mead's bok, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, to the letter.  He starts his rise to the top at the World Wide Wicket Company, a company rife with overly ambitious types.  There he meets Rosemary Plinkington, a secretary with a dream of her own:  MARRIAGE TO A BUSINESS EXECUTIVE.  She sets her sights on "Ponty" but his ambitions thwart her at every turn.  He has problems of his own, namely a fellow mail room employee, Bud Frump.  Bud is the nephew of the company president, J.B. Biggley, and he has one goal:  DESTROY FINCH (as long as it doesn't make him sweat too much).  Bud's uncle, J.B. Biggley, has many desires:  not to be bothered by his brown nosing nephew, his alma mater Old Ivy, knitting and finding a way to keep his mistress, Hedy LaRue, close by. 
      Character Breakdowns  

    A young window washer with dreams of glory, he proceeds up the corporate ladder by following the rules laid out in the How To Succeed in Business manual.  He is sly, crafty and focused on one goal:  reaching the top of the business world.  He is a hard worker, determined that nothing is going to stop him, not even the love of a good woman.

    J. Pierpont Finch

    Rosemary is a good secretary, but she has one ambition above all others: to find herself a husband.  She sees a kindred spirit in Finch and sets her sights on him.  They are at cross purposes throughout the show as his upward climb shouldn’t allow for love, but her tenacity and charm (like his own) will wear him down.

    Rosemary Pilkington

    Bud Frump
    Finch’s co-worker in the mail room and Biggley’s nephew by marriage, Bud is determined to reach the top of the business world, too.  The difference between Bud and Finch is that Bud is lazy and feels like he is entitled to everything.  He is not above brown nosing, tattling on his uncle or even blackmailing him to get what he wants.  

    Mr. Bratt’s secretary, she’s basically in charge of human resources.  She is the most competent and capable of any of the secretaries, which is why she has the second hardest job in the company.  She is the brain trust of the office and everyone knows it.  No one would dare romantically compromise her, much to her chagrin.  So instead she’s everybody’s best friend.

    The big boss at the World Wide Wicket Company.  He is a ruthless tyrant but takes time out for knitting, golf, his alma mater Old Ivy and Hedy LaRue.  He cares little for the feelings of his underlings, especially his wife’s nephew, Bud Frump.

    J.B. Biggley


    Hedy wants to be a female business tycoon, unfortunately, she does not have the head for it.  She is not using her body and feminine allure to get as far as she can.  She’s set her eyes on Biggley and knows he can give her the break she’s been craving.  However, she is as out of place as a secretary as she is later when she gets a chance to be on TV.  She’s a bull in china shop, breaking her way through anything and causing distractions wherever she goes.

    Hedy LaRue
    Bert Bratt

    The Vice President of Human Resources, Mr. Bratt is Biggley’s right hand man.  He will do Biggley’s bidding no matter what.  A high strung man, he is preoccupied with keeping order and keeping everyone on their best behavior, which is a difficult thing at the World Wide Wicket Company.

    Mr. Twimble

    The head of the mailroom, Twimble has been a company man for 25 years, never stepping out of line, and always doing whatever is asked of him.  He is taking a new job and wants to pick Finch to be his replacement.  This actor will also play Wally Womper in the second act.

    Biggley’s no-nonsense secretary and chief battle axe.  She protects him by keeping all away with an iron fist and an icy stare.  She develops a warm spot for Finch, because he treats her like a woman and not something to be feared and avoided. Miss Jones
    Wally Womper

    The CEO of the World Wide Wicket Company.  He had his start as a window washer as well.  He is a quiet, unassuming man, often being overlooked.  But those that speak softest, often carry the biggest sticks. 

    Milton Gatch

    The sleazy head of Plans and Systems, who has trouble keeping his libido in check.  He makes an ill-timed pass at Hedy LaRue, leading to his dismissal.  This actor will also play Benjamin Burton Daniel Ovington and the TV Announcer.


    First Gatch’s and then ultimately Finch’s secretary.  She’s a wisecracking dame, who seen a lot of miles, and may be ready to give it all up and just settle.  She much prefers to move in her rolling desk chair than walk.

    Miss Krumholtz
    Benjamin Burton Daniel Ovington

    A new hire as Vice President of Advertising.  He’s a charming fast talker, whose initials are the same as the most famous advertising company of the 1960’s, BBDO.  This actor will also play Milton Gatch and the TV Announcer.


    Principal Ensemble
    The Principal Ensemble play all of the speaking roles in the show as well as have the potential for solos throughout the show.  This ensemble has three numbers:  “A Secretary Is Not a Toy” and “Been a Long Day” plus either “Paris Original” (women only) or “I Believe in You” (men only).

    Joseph P. Jenkins

    A Jr. Executive who likes to keep the peace.

    Ernest Toynbee Johnson
    A Jr. Executive who comes from money and isn’t above buying favor.  
    Max Matthews   A Vice Preseident who has had a recent mental breakdown.
    Herb Davis  An ambitious Jr. Executive with hayfever.
    Pete Peterson  A Vice President who is easily distracted.
    Alan Tackaberry
     A Jr. Executive who is insistent, whiny and asks a lot of questions.
    David Rosenthal A Jr. Executive who is over-eager to prove himself.
    Skip Thompson A Jr. Executive who laughs at all the wrong times.
    Wide-eyed and innocent secretary. Dot (A Girl)

    Absent-minded secretary with an annoying laugh.  Very bad at her job.

    Lois (First Girl)  

    Sour-puss, negative Nellie secretary.  She’s always told you so.

    Shirley (Second Girl)  
    Efficient, hard-working secretary who is reluctant to participate in tomfoolery. Trudy (Third Girl)  

    Extremely stressed out secretary.  Also plays First Scrubwoman.

    Secretary who is always asleep.  Also plays Second Scrubwoman. Mona  
    Secretary who prides herself on being the office matchmaker. Kitty (1st Girl)
    Secretary who wants to be a Jr. Executive badly. Donna (2nd Girl)

    The chorus fills out the employee ranks of the World Wide Wicket Company.  The men are all Jr. Executives and the women are all Secretaries.  They all sing “Coffee Break” and “The Company Way”.  The women also sing “Cinderella Darling” and the men also sing “Brotherhood of Man”



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