• Our Town
    by Thornton Wilder
    Director  Julie Hult
    Stage Manager
    Leah Rodriguez
    Date December, 2-4, 2016  
    Location North, Mainstage
    The Stage Managers (Lauren Frederick, Grace Hester, Lily Johnson, Grace Terry) enter and explain to the audience that the play they are about to see takes place in Grovers Corners, New hampshire.  They then introduce the two core families:  the Gibbs and the Webbs.  Doc Gibs (Tiger Lee) and his wife (Emily Sipes) have two children George (Ciaran Hill) and Rebecca.  Mr. Webb (Sam Beggs) is the editor of the local paper; he and his wife (Brittany Davis) also have two children, Emily (Julia Iorio) and Wally (Ryan Clulow).  The first act cover teh daily life of these fmilies and the other citizens of Grovers Corners.  The second act explores the burgeoning relationship and wedding of George and Emily.  The third act deals with Emily's death and her exploration of the afterlife.
    North Drama triple cast all of the smaller roles in the prodcution to build a sense of community.  Not only did more actors have the opportunity for principals roles, the prodction got to explore the nuances of different interpretations of these classic characters.


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