•  11301     Algebra 1      

    2 semesters, 1 credit per semester

    This is the first math course required of a Core 40 diploma.  This class extends the algebra studied in middle school.  Students will learn to solve linear and quadratic equations.  Students will graph and interpret graphs of lines and parabolas.  Passing the Core 40 test given at the end of this course is required for graduation.  A scientific (not graphing) calculator is required. 

     10000     Algebra Enrichment Block

    2 semesters, 2 credits per semester

    This course covers Algebra 1 standards in a two-period block.  This is for students needing the extra time and practice to master the concepts and skills needed to pass the Algebra 1 End of Course Assessment.  Students who do not pass that assessment, but pass the class will receive 2 credits in Algebra Enrichment and 2 elective credits and will enroll in Algebra 1 11301 the following year.  Students who pass the ECA will receive 2 credits in Algebra Enrichment and 2 credits ion Algebra 1 and will enroll ion Geometry the following year.  This course will involve a significant amount of time in class learning Algebra through an on-line algebra program.








Last Modified on February 3, 2012