• Welcome to Trailblazer Geography (Social Studies)

    Hello and welcome to 7th grade Trailblazer Geography (Social Studies). Trailblazer social studies is closely tied to Northside's School-Wide Learning Outcomes (SWLO). 
    SWLO #1: Students will become Resourceful and Knowledgeable Content
    In 7th grade social studies, we will be studying the geography, culture, governments, history and economy of several countries and continents in the Eastern Hemisphere. Just because we are focused on world history doesn't mean that we are removed from it, it greatly affects our lives. Learning the lessons that history offers is an important part of becoming and informed and active citizen.
    Students will also be engaged in a civic project, working towards becoming an active citizen.  
    • The 5 Themes of Geography
    • The Middle East
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • Africa
    • Australia/New Zealand  
    We learn about the GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, CULTURE, RELIGION, GOVERNMENT and ECONOMY of these wonderfully exciting and new countries. Students will be expected to have a great attitude and open mind as we become expert geographers on each of our unit countries. 
    SWLO #2: Students will become Strategic and Goal-Directed 
    Students will become expert learners, meaning that they will be able to know how they learn best and apply those strategies throughout their lives. In Trailblazer social studies, this starts by bringing your required materials to class daily.  
    • Chromebook
    • Binder With Dividers
    • Writing Utensils 
    • "Bluebook"
    Students will be responsible for setting goals throughout the course and will make plans on how to reach these goals. 
    SWLO #3: Students will become Purposeful and Motivated
    In Trailblazer social studies we observe the PBIS expectations that are required throughout Northside.
    • Act Responsibly 
    • Be Respectful 
    • Communicate Effectively