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    Congratulations to the following art students on their 44 recent awards in the 2015 Indiana Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. Over 2500 entries were sent in from a 54 county area surrounding Indianapolis during January. Gold and silver key award winning students will have their artworks exhibited at Butler University/Clowes Hall from Feb. 11 through March 8th. All gold key winners will go on to the national level of competition in New York City with those results being known in April.  Congratulations to the following students:
    Emily ClancyHonorable MentionSculpture
    Shaunak DeshmukhSilver KeyPhotography 
    Mariann FantSilver KeyDrawing and Illustration
    Marianne FantHonorable MentionSculpture
    Morgan FarellSilver KeyPainting
    Jonah FieldsSilver KeyPhotography
    Jonah FieldsHonorable MentionPhotography
    Carley FoxHonorable MentionSculpture
    Kenzie HammersHonorable MentionDrawing and Illustration
    Moriah HerbertSilver KeyGlass
    Moriah HerbertSilver KeySculpture
    Moriah HerbertSilver KeySculpture
    Karli JesseeHonorable MentionPhotography
    Tyler JohnsonHonorable MentionSculpture
    Maelyn KiserHonorable MentionPainting
    Katie LawsonGold KeyPhotography
    Rebecca LongHonorable MentionArt Portfolio
    Rebecca LongHonorable MentionDrawing and Illustration
    Rebecca LongHonorable MentionSculpture
    Katie MackGold KeyPrintmaking
    Wyatt MillerGold KeyDrawing and Illustration
    Wyatt MillerSilver KeyDrawing and Illustration
    Wyatt MillerSilver KeyPhotography
    Wyatt MillerHonorable MentionDrawing and Illustration
    Wyatt MillerHonorable MentionDrawing and Illustration
    Katelynn MooreHonorable MentionPainting
    Haley PiatkowskiSilver KeyPhotography
    Haley PiatkowskiSilver KeyPhotography
    Haley PiatkowskiHonorable MentionPhotography
    Shyanne ReynoldsHonorable MentionCeramics 
    Juan RinconSilver KeyPhotography
    Ashlynn RobbinsSilver KeySculpture
    Jorge SanchezGold KeySculpture
    Erika ScottHonorable MentionPhotography
    Erika ScottHonorable MentionPhotography
    Erika ScottHonorable MentionPhotography
    Vanessa SumnerSilver KeySculpture
    Kortney ThallsHonorable MentionSculpture
    Ashleigh ThompsonSilver KeyPhotography
    Ashleigh ThompsonHonorable MentionPhotography
    Cianna WrightHonorable MentionPhotography

    2014 Columbus East Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winners
    Gold Key:
    Megan Hashimoto – Digital Art
    Rebecca Long – Drawing (2 Gold Keys)
    Rebecca Long – Ceramics 
    Katie Mack – Ceramics
    Chase Wischmeier – Ceramics
    Silver Key:
    Katie Emmert – Photography
    Marselle Barbieri – Photography
    Ashleigh Thompson – Digital Art
    Ashleigh Thompson – Photography
    Victoria Bell – Drawing
    Morgan Farrell – Drawing
    Rebecca Long – Drawing
    Sydney Newell – Printmaking
    Caroline Smith – Printmaking
    Honorable Mention:
    Jacob Bishop – Photography
    Heather Harden – Photography
    Morgan Farrell – Painting
    Sarah Loesch – Drawing
    Lauren Schumacher – Drawing
    Jacob Smith – Painting
    Betsy Woodworth –  Drawing (2 Honorable Mentions)
    James Fisher – Ceramics
    Sean Owens – Ceramics
    Caroline Smith – Printmaking
    Betsy Woodworth - Sculpture
     CONGRATULATIONS to these creative and talented Columbus East students!!! 2013 WINNERS!

    2013 Scholastic Art Award Winners

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