• Incomplete Dominance Extending Mendelian GeneticsCodominance Ch 7 Resources     Bio textbook
    Chapter Objectives:

    ·       Identify human genetic disorders caused by inherited recessive alleles

    ·       Determine the inheritance of sex-linked traits.

    ·       Analyze  the inheritance patterns of incomplete dominance and codominance

    ·       Describe polygenic traits and the effect of environmental factors on phenotype.

    ·       Explain how gene linkage maps can be used to estimate distances between genes.

    ·       Identify several methods for mapping human chromosomes.

    Lesson Focus:


    The chromosomes on which genes are located can affect the expression of traits.
    7.1 Section Quiz


    Phenotype is affected by many different factors
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    Genes can be mapped to specific locations on chromosomes. 7.3 Section Quiz


    A combination of methods is used to study human genetics
    Genetic Disorders Research
    Click here to find a genetic disorder.
    Use the following resource to research the inheritance, cause, symptoms and treatments of an inherited disorder.

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