Photo by Ron Arnold of original Jo Saylors “Puddles and Frog Pond”

Thousands of people pass by BCSC Administration Building daily.  Many people live in the area and can enjoy this public art at our historic building.  Help us return the children to the pond to remind us of the work we must all do to educate and encourage our community’s children in their learning each and every day. Become a friend to Frog Pond!  Please donate today! 
Welcome from our Executive Director 
Hello, I am Suzi Bruin and I want you to know that BCSF is doing great things for education in our community!  We are the oldest school foundation in the state of Indiana and are proud to be supporting Equity, Innovation, and Opportunity with BCSC programs and initiatives.  We want to tell you more about it.  If you still want to know why we should be a part of your philanthropy, please contact me to set up a mutually convenient time for you to do so.   
Why support the School Foundation?
We fund projects and initiatives that make a needed impact on the students and community of the Columbus area.  Education is a great investment and we are an organization that fills that need.  Please join us with your support of the school foundation.  We appreciate being a part of your philanthropic giving.  Creating a community where education is so valued is a great investment for all of us! 
 This year’s donations to the School Foundation are funding: 
Equity -  
a $10,000 fund which gives financial assistance to students aligned with graduation
 Innovation -
over $18,000 in grants to teachers for enhancing education our community!
Opportunity -
 over $15,000 to literacy and math programs for the benefit of our students

Learn more about what we do in our Annual Report.
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Connect with us: 
Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation                       
Suzi Bruin, Executive Director
1200 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47201 
Phone: (812) 378-4733 




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