• Columbus East High School

    9th Grade Course Selection Information


    Click the link above to view a graphic organizer of all of the course options available to incoming 9th grade students at Columbus East.
    Click the link above to view an example of a completed 9th Grade Course Selection Sheet. Students and parent/guardian(s) will need to complete the demographic information at the top of the page. Students will have many variations from this example, but this is representative of a complete, standard-level, 9th Grade Course Selection Sheet.
    The Curriculum Guide provides information about Columbus East High School including a course description for every course offered at Columbus East. To find a specific course, please use the table of contents, or press CTRL + F to open a search box and search for the course title.
    The PE Waiver Information provides all of the details regarding the PE Waiver. Generally, any student at Columbus East who participates in an IHSAA sanctioned sport, marching band, winter guard/brigade, or enrolls in the CEHS Dance Performance class may qualify for the PE Waiver. 9th Graders who plan to complete the PE waiver should enter a non-PE course in the PE slot on their course request form. Students will then complete all other aspects of the PE waiver after they begin school in August.
    If you have questions about scheduling classes for 9th grade at Columbus East, please feel free to email Andy Taube, 9th Grade School Counselor. During the scheduling season (the month of February) please allow 2-3 days for a response. Mr. Taube will do his best to reply to all emails as quickly as possible.
    Thank you, and we are excited to welcome you as an Olympian!
    Andy Taube
    Columbus East High School
    9th Grade School Counselor