• Our School Building

    Exit Mt. Healthy was built in Ogilville in 1972 by David B. Hill, Hardy Holzman and Co.  It replaced the Ogilville and Waymansville schools.  It is an open concept school and it is famous for its structure.  The school is made out of brick, wood and steel.  The orange beams of the structure are visible from inside.  Some rooms are enclosed and most classrooms are not enclosed.
    Mt. Healthy is unique compared to other schools in Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation because the classrooms are not enclosed. side
    front Mt. Healthy's renovation was completed for the start of the 2002-2003 school year.  It included a gymnasium twice the size of the previous one, a computer lab, new art and music rooms, an expanded library, a new multipurpose room, nurse's office and a new conference room. 
    Safety issues improved by the development include adding a second driveway to alleviate congestion and making the front door more visible to monitor who entered the building.
    back of building
    The addition was designed by Nolan Bingham of Paris/Bingham Partnership.
    This page was written by sixth grade students in 1997 and updated 4/6/05 and 05/29/08.