Science in the News

    Science in the News


    Science through Discovery

     The objective is for you to obtain an increased awareness of scientific events in the news and to make connections between our course and the real world. 
    You will be asked to think critically about how these events/ discoveries impact our lives as well as the future of the planet and our society.
    Your Task:


    Choose an article based on the following considerations:


    ·        An issue that could create a discussion because it is controversial.

    ·        Something that is current; written within the last 2 months!

    ·       Explore an issue that is interesting to you and relevant to your classmates as this will make it easier to generate questions and discussion during your presentation.


    For the presentation:
    ·        Create a multi-media presentation that includes:


      • the title of the article and MLA source reference
      • three open-ended questions, which you will use to facilitate a class discussion
      • pictures that “tell the story” of the event
      • Save project file or link to the shared (S) drive.



    Written Work:
    ·        Write a summary that outlines the key points in the article.  You may use the 5 W’s (Who, What, Why, When, Where) to guide your summary, but do not simply list the facts of the article.  Rather, retell them in your own words. 
    ·   Close with your opinion(s) on the article. 
    Discussion Participation:
    • Each student (in the audience) is expected to participate in and will be evaluated during class discussions during Current Event presentations. You are not expected to comment every time, but at least 2 times during our presentation days.
    You may use the following resources
    to help find a topic:


     You will be assessed on the following rubric:



    Thoroughly explains:

    ·        What, where, when, and who

    ·        Why this event was chosen

    ·        What science theme it relates to

    ·        Why this event is of importance and significance to us



    Thoroughly explains:

    ·        details of the event

    ·        personal viewpoint/opinions


    Class Discussion:

    ·        Prepares 3 discussion questions

    ·        Leads a class discussion about the current event.


    Effective and Creative:

    ·        Presentation avoids the “TMI”- too much info on 1 slide.

    ·        Custom animation is used to effectively deliver the material


    Speaking skills:

    ·        loud and clear

    ·        good eye contact

    ·        enthusiastic


    ·        Presentation is  three to five minutes in length

    ·        Article is cited appropriately using MLA format.




    These online databases are also great resources:

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