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    As students of a foreign language, you are about to embark on an adventure in meaning making at the highest level. This is the core definition of literacy and has to do with how we take in information, process it, and then transform it so that others may share it.  Your role in this project is to create a bridge between a term or concept as it is understood in your foreign, or target, language and what you already know and understand about that term in English. The bridge you create in the form of a podcast, powerpoint presentation with sound, or a videocast, is what will give a non-native speaker of English access to the concepts of a core content area.

    This project will require you to develop not only advanced vocabulary in your target language but the technology skills that will allow you to create the bridge. 

    The concept of academic vocabulary

    Getting Started

     Master the Technological Skills

    Practice: Self Introduction in the Target Language

    Create the Vocabulary Tutorials

    Tutorial Design and Rubric

    What do you mean by...?

    Terms Defined


    Robert Marzano and Debra J. Pickering in Building Academic Vocabulary (ASCD, 2005).

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