• Columbus North Literacy Project

    Content Vocabulary as a Bridge to Literacy and Diversity



    The CNHS Literacy Project represents a collaborative effort between content area teachers, foreign language teachers, ESL teachers, native and non-native speaking English students at Columbus North High School, and non-native English speakers in the Columbus, Indiana community. 

    The primary goal of the project is to assist our English Language Learners (ELLs) in acquiring the academic vocabulary necessary for success in the high school classroom.  To learn more about the project and its multiple goals, please click "About the Project" 

    This project evolved from a series of presentations, discussions, and workshops concerning current brain research and its implementation in the classroom from a number of sources.  Please check our links and resources page for more information about the many individuals and publications that influenced the creation and design of this project.

    This website is designed to support students and teachers in the creation and implementation of the project. This site also serves as a place to host the vocabulary podcasts created by fourth and fifth year foreign language students.

    This project is funded by the generous support of the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation's School Foundation.


Last Modified on March 12, 2012