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    Dos and Don'ts of Mentoring*

    Mentor Dos Mentor Don'ts
    Praise the student when deserved Don't judge the student or his/her family
    Share with the student and communicate Don't forget that communication means listening
    Appreciate any growth Don't think you can change the world overnight
    Ask questions and gather information Don't forget that confidence is built on trust
    Be punctual Don't disappoint a student that's counting on you by being late
    Be a good role model Don't use inappropriate dress or language (oral or written)
    Follow the rules of the school and of senior projects Don't allow students to talk you into things that are against school rules
    Show attention and concern by being a friend Don't try to be a parent
    Recognize the student's values and lifestyle Don't impose your beliefs or values on the student, but demonstrate your values
    Strive for mutual respect Don't tolerate rudeness or foul language
    Come prepared Don't come without a plan
    Be honest Don't think a student can't spot insincerity
    Assist the student as he/she does the project Don't do the project for the student
    Encourage Don't berate or belittle
    Be a coach, motivator, advisor, and teacher Don't serve as a social worker, playmate, financier, or professional counselor
    *Adapted from Smink, J. (1999). A Training Guide for Mentors

Last Modified on June 25, 2009