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    Tech Services at Columbus East

    Technology at Columbus East High School is an integral part of our daily operations.  Students and staff members use technology regularly to communicate and collaborate.  In addition, we can improve our communication to the community by using several enhanced technologies.  Below are some of the programs we are using for the purposes of teaching and learning, communication, and collaboration.


    Student Photo ID System -
    Student E-mail:  All students in grades 9-12 at Columbus East High Scool receive an e-mail account.  We use a system called GroupWise and expect students to adhere to the e-mail policies established by BCSC.  Students are not allowed to send or receive e-mail messages that are not directly related to instruction, and East hopes students make good choices while using e-mail accounts.  East strives to ensure our students are communicating in a professional manner.


    Student E-locker - All students at Columbus East are assigned an e-locker to use throughout their high school career at BCSC.  An e-locker is disk space allotted to a student on the BCSC server where the student should save school-related items.  Students are able to access their e-locker from any computer within BCSC, and they can also access their e-locker from home by using web access (NetStorage).  While the size of an e-locker is sufficient for student requirements, we encourage students to use this storage space ONLY for school-related items to avoid depletion of available storage space.
    PowerSchool Parent Portal - The 2010-2011 school year brings BCSC a new student information system called PowerSchool.  With the implementation of this new student information system, we are replacing ParentConnect with PowerSchool's Parent Portal.  Parent Portal Information
    Moodle -  Moodle is an open-source course management system designed to help educators create online courses with opportunities for rich interaction.  Several East teachers regularly use Moodle to enhance their classroom instruction.  Your student will receive directions from his/her instructor on how to access a particular "moodle" for a class.  Click here to access Moodle.
    360 Facility Request (Staff Only) - This web site serves BCSC staff and faculty in the following areas:
    • IT Services - Submit requests for online services from our Technology department through this web site.
    • Facility Services - Submit requests for janitorial and maintenance services.
    If you need assistance with login information regarding any of these systems, please contact our technology department located in the Technology area at East.  Thank you.
    Columbus East Technology Department
    Joe Bradley, East Building Tech Support
    Mark  Doub, C4 Building Tech Support
    Tricia Kiszka, Building Support Technologist I / East Web Coordinator
Last Modified on October 30, 2014