• Chemistry

    CHEMISTRY 1 (L)     2 semesters, 2 credits, 
    Prerequisites: Intro to Algebra or Algebra I

    Approximate Fee: $20.00 per semester
    A CORE 40, AHD and NCAA Course

    This course will guide students in learning to synthesize useful models of the structure of matter and the mechanisms of its interactions through laboratory investigations of matter and its chemical reactions. Students will gain an understanding of the history of chemistry, explore the uses of chemistry in various careers, cope with chemical questions and problems related to personal needs and social issues and learn and practice laboratory safety.

    (Indiana University C105/125)

    2 semesters, 2 credits, 
    Prerequisites: Chemistry I

    Approximate Fee: $28.00 per semester
    A CORE 40 and AHD
    College Credit may be granted by Indiana University

    This course follows College Board Entrance Examinations guidelines for Advanced Placement Chemistry. This course also is designed for students to learn the knowledge and skills included in the Indiana University ACC Program for chemistry.  It is an in-depth study of chemistry, including organic chemistry and Spectrophotometry, Organic Synthesis, Limiting Reactants and Chemical Analysis. will be covered. Students learn the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the experiments included in the Indiana University guidelines. Students learn the skills and theory to perform experiments included in the AP Chemistry guidelines.

Last Modified on September 15, 2009