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    AMC 10 and AMC 12

    Indiana Academic Team Competition



    The Math Academic team is part of East's Academic Team that competes in the Indiana Academic Super Bowl each year. East has teams in English, social studies, science, and fine arts, as well as math. At the competitions, a team (3 to 5 students) attempts to answer 25 multiple choice questions in their subject area. Each question is put up on an overhead transparency and the question is read. The team members then have 20 seconds (40 seconds in math) to choose an answer. There is a general call out every school year around the start of the 2nd nine weeks for anyone who is interested in participating on one or more of the teams. Each team then practices about once a week through March and April when we have our actual competitions. The competitions are held at night in host schools. There are two invitational meets followed by a district (state qualifying) meet. The teams in each subject area that have the highest scores at the district competition then compete in the state championship meet. At the competitions, only 3 to 5 members of each team actually get to compete, but other members of the teams who come to all the practice sessions learn a lot in each subject. Students who qualify may earn an academic team letter.

    Invitational I To Be Announced
    Invitational II To Be Announced
    Area Competition
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    State Competition
    (Purdue University, West Lafayette)
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    Indiana Math League is a competition between schools and individual students in the state of Indiana. It consists of 6 tests per year with 6 questions on each test. The questions range from easy to challenging, and each question is a short answer that is graded right or wrong. The questions cover the math content of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus; but there is quite often a "thinking" component to the questions. The total of the 5 best individual scores on each test make up a school's team score. The League keeps track of the team scores and the totals for the highest scoring students in the individual competition. At the end of the year's competition, the school with the highest team total gets a trophy, and the student with the highest individual total gets a plaque.  There is one contest per month, October through March.  
    We hold the contests at East at the end of the school day, 3:20 pm, in room C104. Any student may participate in Indiana Math League by simply coming to the contest on any of the dates it is held. The test lasts approximately 30 minutes.  There is no cost to the student for this contest.

    Indiana Math League Contest Dates 2017-2018

    Tuesday October
    Tuesday November
    Tuesday December
    Tuesday January
    Tuesday February
    Tuesday March
    Hope to see you there!

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