• Columbus East High School

    Human Development and Family Wellness - Family Relations
    1 Semester, 1 Credit
    Grades 11-12

    Human Development and Family Wellness addresses development and wellness of individuals and families through the life cycle. A project-based approach that utilizes higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes is recommended in order to integrate suggested topics into the study of individual and family issues. Topic include: human development and wellness theories, principles, and practices; roles, responsibilities, and functions of families and family members throughout the life cycle; individual and family wellness planning; prevention and management of illnesses and disease; impacts of diverse perspectives, needs, and characteristics on human development and family wellness; contemporary family issues, including ethics, human worth and dignity, change, stress, and family crisis-abuse-violence; physical, mental , and emotional health issues, including substance use/abuse and eating disorders; and community services, agencies and resources. Applications through authentic settings such as service learning are encouraged. One of the 5 FACS courses from which student may choose 3 to fulfill the required Health and Safety credit.

Last Modified on August 12, 2008