•  "The National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) recognizes outstanding elementary school students. Beyond recognition for academic achievement, NEHS offers member elementary schools opportunities to honor students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship and responsibility and to promote leadership and service as essential life skills.
    NEHS provides resources for principals, teachers, and parents to help students make the most of their elementary school years. By creating a set of national standards and presenting an organized structure that engages students and staff members, NEHS enhances the good work that elementary schools are doing to prepare the whole child and establish a strong foundation for the future."1 
     At Taylorsville Elementary, students meeting the above criteria in grades 4-6 are chosen through a rigorous selection process. Students are honored each during an induction ceremony.
    Current 2017-2018 NEHS Members:
    Mrs. Calabrese, Mrs. Cauble, and Mrs. Florence
    5th Grade 



    6th Grade 

    Caroline Andrus

    Carolyn Ruiz Villatoro

    Madelyn Surface
    Esbeidi Avelar


    1 NAESP Foundation.  (2014-15).  Mission Statement.  NEHS Catalog