To enroll your child in the i-CARE Program, please go to the following link and click on Parent Portal:

    For more information, please contact our office:
    (812) 418-0924
    Students with Special Needs
    The i-CARE before and after school program welcomes all BCSC students. In accordance with BCSC Policy 2260, i-CARE does not discriminate on the basis of any Protected Class, including disability. If you have a child with a disability or medical condition requiring additional services, we encourage you to contact the school's i-CARE site coordinator to discuss the services available at that site. Because i-CARE is an optional program that is outside of the regular school day, the level of services available are not the same as during school. 
    Contact Information:
    Busy Bees: Shannon Carman  812-376-4569
    Clifty Creek: Arely Colin   812-374-9535
    CSA Fodrea: Reagan Ward   812-374-7215
    CSA Lincoln: Cory Hamm   812-374-6214
    Mt. Healthy: Cassi Smith   812-565-8065
    Parkside: Manda Holderness   812-376-4549
    W.D. Richards: Gina Perkins   812-374-8265
    Rockcreek: Sarah Apple   812-373-6883
    L.C. Schmitt: Sydney Nickerson   812-374-8890
    L.F. Smith: Kim Perez   812-374-7058
    Southside: Deb Hanloh   812-565-9038
    Taylorsville: Brianna Junkersfeld   812-526-5448