• Free Hot Meal Sites

    Sunday 5-6 p.m.          St. Bartholomew Catholic Church 1306 27th St.
    Monday 5-6 p.m.          First United Methodist Church 618 8th St.
    Tuesday 5-6 p.m.          Asbury United Methodist Church  1751 17th St. 
    Wednesday 5-6 p.m.     Love Chapel 311 Center St.
    Thursday 5-6 p.m.         Salvation Army Site   2525 Illinois St.
    Friday 5-6 p.m.            First Presbyterian Church  512 7th St.
    3rd Saturday of the Month      2nd Baptist Church 1325 10th St.
    1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th Saturday      First Christian Church 531 5th St. 


Last Modified on February 3, 2017