Project Based Learning

Descriptive Statistics


Throughout the first quarter of this course we will be investigating descriptive statistics. Your work will involve homework, quizzes and a project. The goal is that you will not only learn how to 'do the math' but you will also gain a strong understanding of why we use descriptive statistics and how to best use them.

Driving Question:
How does the presentation of data influence decisions that affect us?

One of the good things about this driving question is that it is open ended (there are many possible correct responses.)  It also deals with decisions that could affect you personally.  While you probably will have quite a bit of knowledge on data presentation coming into this class (AP Statistics) you will quickly find out that there is more to learn. When you take time to really look at data around you (in advertisements, news, polls, on packaging, in school testing, in science…) you will find many examples that will make this section of the course ‘real’ for you. 

What types of data are there?
What ways of presenting data are easiest to use?
What are the important features of a data set?
Why is one presentation better than another?
Can you present too much information with a data set?
How can technology help with analysis and presentation of data?
Is there a single best practice for presenting data? 
How do you show relationships between two data sets? 
What are association and causation? 
What are examples of data presentations that we see in everyday life? 
What are examples of data presentations that professionals would see regularly? 
Are there examples of data presentations that led to poor decisions being made? 


A graphical view of the schedule can be found at this link.
As was stated in the intro, the project will take place along with some homework and quizzes. Nearly all of the adjacent items in this schedule will overlap. You will be given a list of homework problems at the start of each unit.

1. Project and course introduction (3 days)
2. Unit 1 - homework, quiz (7 days)
3. Class discussion of the project (2 days)
4. Unit 3 - homework & quiz (7 days)
5. Project reviews (3 days)
6. Unit 4 - homework & quiz (7 days)
7. Final project presentations (3 days)
8. Project reflection and self assessment (1 day)



Rubric for class discussions

Rubric for project review meetings

Rubric for final project presentations

Useful checklists for project presentations and groupwork. - Remember you will be assessed on this project both as a team and for your indivudal contributions.

The project will account for about 20-30% of your quarter grade. Tests, quizzes and homework will make up rest.